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Be Your Own Boss
Opportunity exists for unemployed - You too can clean up the profits with 'D.A.W.N' Dial a Wife Now!

At only 43 years old, Jan Sutherland was once an unemployment statistic, until she took control of her future. At every job interview, she felt the glare of having a use by date stamped on her forehead. So, after numerous rejections, she started her own domestic and commercial cleaning business - ‘D.A.W.N’ Dial a Wife Now!

Now, Jan wants to share her success and help others over 45 who are experiencing the frustration of unemployment. She is offering the opportunity to be part of the highly successful and growing ‘out-sourcing -services’ industry - an industry that earned $38 billion in 2011 (article Herald Sun).

DAWN has a range of associated services, including shopping, holiday house clean ups, open for inspections, office cleaning, serviced apartments and a de-clutter and balance service.

"Unemployment statistics are subjective; they don’t take into account those forced into early retirement or the true impact of underemployment," Commented Heidi Holmes of Adage Pty Ltd, Australia's #1 Job Board and Online Community for Experienced Workers aged 45+.

"More accurate statistics from the ABS indicate that the average duration of unemployment for someone aged 55 and over is 69.9 weeks, compared to 24 weeks for someone aged 25-34. Realistically, it is much harder for an older person to secure employment and persevere against age-related discrimination. An offer like this is life changing," added Heidi.

"While they might feel frustrated, demoralised and hopeless, right now; underneath they need to be driven, ambitious and willing to take ownership of a business. As part of the licence offer, D.A.W.N provides a systemised operation and a sound, proven business model, so they won’t be on their own," says Jan, who’s developed D.A.W.N for more than 20 years now.

"We provide all they need to operate the licence, including training manuals and working documents. It might sound daunting being your own boss but this business is safely bounded by a system and a lot easier than being out of a job!" laughed Jan.

"I want to help people get back on their feet and avoid the massive expenses involved in starting from scratch. So, I’m asking people to write to me and tell me why they are the ideal person, or couple, for the job," added Jan.

Contact to receive further information about the offer.