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As part of our commitment to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle and ethical work practices, DAWN is proud to use and promote the Tri Nature range of products.

Tri Nature has been helping DAWN make homes cleaner and healthier for many years.


DAWN’s philosophy means that we are committed to providing a safe environment for our workers, and cleaner, healthier homes and offices for our customers. Tri Nature ticks both boxes by manufacturing products which replace harsh, aggressive cleaning products with safe and effective substances which are much healthier for you, your family and the environment.

Unlike traditional brands, these environmentally friendly commodities are safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, cruelty-free and contain no fillers, builders or phosphates.


Many of Tri Nature’s products are in concentrate form, which make them the perfect choice for budget-conscious households and businesses. Like DAWN, Tri Nature offers its products in a range of convenient packs and sizes to suit your requirements.


Tri Nature is an Australian company which has been manufacturing environmentally responsible cleaning & personal care products since 1989. They have a well deserved reputation for their superior, efficient merchandise, and they have gained international recognition for their advances in environmental technology.

By introducing Tri Nature personal care & cleaning products into your home, you will enhance the health & well-being of your family and assist in maintaining the ecological balance of nature.

DAWN Particularly Recommends

Starter Kit

Chamomile DishwashingSphagnum Moss DisinfectantSupre Multi Purpose Cleaner EucalyptusUltra Cream Cleanser

Great for the budget-conscious home-maker - especially when combined with our microfiber cloths, This kit lets you clean your entire house safely and economically.

Kit Contains:

  • Chamomile Dish Washing Liquid –infinitely versatile, this works as well on grease as on glassware. It can also be used to clean pesticides from soft fruits and vegetables, wash the car and the dog, clean floors and windows, even your delicate hand-washing. All this, and it won’t damage your hands. Chamomile Dish Washing Liquid comes in 500 ml or 1 l bottles.
  • Sphagnum Moss Hospital Grade Disinfectant – use to effectively disinfect and deodorise wherever is required.
  • Eucalyptus Supre Cleaner - great for difficult jobs. Use on any hard surface: stove tops, tiles, bench tops, laminate, ovens, painted surfaces and outdoor areas.
  • Ultra Cream Cleanser – economical and effective, this high-performance, high-concentrate cleanser is perfect for cleaning vitreous enamel, ceramic tiles, porcelain, stainless steel, aluminium and laminated surfaces without harsh scratching or scrubbing.
  • Optional extra: Citrus Dish Washing Powder - this non-caustic, 100% plant-based powder completely cleans, sanitises and controls stains on all dishes and cutlery. Freedom from caustic alkalis, petroleum by-products, SLS, artificial colours & fragrances, EDTA, parabens or formaldehyde means peace of mind for you and your children.

General Cleaners

Excel Bacterial CleanerHyaline Window Glass CleanerHeritage Furniture PolishIllumina Stainless Steel-Polish
  • Excel Bacterial Cleaner - for use in showers and toilets, or anywhere which requires the breakdown of soap scum, calcium build-up, algae or other contaminants.
  • Hyaline Window and Glass Cleaner - effectively cleans all glass surfaces without misting or harmful chemical fumes.
  • Heritage Furniture Polish - for use on all furniture types, it removes finger marks, and nourishes and protects wood, whilst leaving no residue.
  • Illumina Stainless Steel Polish - a conditioning lotion designed to clean and protect all stainless steel surfaces, while inhibiting further soiling or smudging.

Laundry Products

Enhance Pre Wash SprayAlpha Plus Laundry PowderAlpha Plus Pre Wash SoakerAngelica Fabric Softener
  • Enhance Pre-Wash Spray - Helps remove difficult stains before washing. With it's pleasant orange fragrance, it also works well as a general purpose hard surface cleaner.
  • Alpha Plus Laundry Powder - a safe, gentle and effective powder suitable for all fabrics, it contains no phosphates, fillers or extenders, giving maximum safety and economy.
  • Alpha Plus Pre-soaker - suitable for hot or cold soaking, it is designed to remove difficult stains while containing no phosphates, fillers or extenders.
  • Angelica Fabric Softener - for use on all fabric types including woollens, this herbal softener restores the absorbance in towels and nappies without irritation to either skin or fabric. Comes in 500 Ml or 1 L bottles.

208 Polyspray Bottle + Spray-HeadTo economise in the use of our products, please ask about our range of spray bottles, spray heads, pumps, dispensers and scoops when you order. These will help you ensure correct dilution rates.

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