Laundry Products

Enhance Pre-Wash Spray

Enhance Pre Wash Spray

Helps remove difficult stains before washing. With it's pleasant orange fragrance, it also works well as a general purpose hard surface cleaner.

Alpha Plus Laundry Powder

Alpha Plus Laundry Powder

A safe, gentle and effective powder suitable for all fabrics, it contains no phosphates, fillers or extenders, giving maximum safety and economy.

Alpha Plus Pre-soaker

Alpha Plus Pre Wash Soaker

Suitable for hot or cold soaking, it is designed to remove difficult stains while containing no phosphates, fillers or extenders.

Angelica Fabric Softener

Angelica Fabric Softener

For use on all fabric types including woollens, this herbal softener restores the absorbance in towels and nappies without irritation to either skin or fabric. Comes in 500 Ml or 1 L bottles.

208 Polyspray Bottle + Spray-HeadTo economise in the use of our products, please ask about our range of spray bottles, spray heads, pumps, dispensers and scoops when you order. These will help you ensure correct dilution rates.

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