Starter Kit

Great for the budget-conscious home-maker - especially when combined with our microfiber cloths, This kit lets you clean your entire house safely and economically.

Kit Contains:

Chamomile Dish Washing Liquid

Camomile Dishwashing

Infinitely versatile, this works as well on grease as on glassware. It can also be used to clean pesticides from soft fruits and vegetables, wash the car and the dog, clean floors and windows, even your delicate hand-washing. All this, and it won’t damage your hands. Chamomile Dish Washing Liquid comes in 500 ml or 1 l bottles.

Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant

Sphagnum Moss Disinfectant

Use to effectively disinfect and deodorise wherever is required. (Hospital Grade)

Eucalyptus Supre Cleaner

Supre Multi Purpose Cleaner Eucalyptus

Great for difficult jobs. Use on any hard surface: stove tops, tiles, bench tops, laminate, ovens, painted surfaces and outdoor areas.

Ultra Cream Cleanser

Ultra Cream Cleanser

Economical and effective, this high-performance, high-concentrate cleanser is perfect for cleaning vitreous enamel, ceramic tiles, porcelain, stainless steel, aluminium and laminated surfaces without harsh scratching or scrubbing.

208 Polyspray Bottle + Spray-HeadTo economise in the use of our products, please ask about our range of spray bottles, spray heads, pumps, dispensers and scoops when you order. These will help you ensure correct dilution rates.

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