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ConciergeWant the complete home service?

At DAWN, we understand that it’s sometimes the little errands and chores which can really add to your stress, so let us take care of them for you.

DAWN’s Consierge service is as varied as its customers. Like our cleaning services, it really depends upon what you want.

We have been known to:

  • Visit the bank,
  • pick up the dry-cleaning,
  • buy that gift for a colleague or family member,
  • collect or make payment on a lay-by purchase,
  • do the ironing,
  • shop for groceries,
  • start the dinner,
  • or simply wait to receive a tradesman.

If it needs doing and you don’t have the time, DAWN will happily do it. We’re your butler and your personal assistant, all rolled into one.

Call DAWN and let us take over your to-do list as well as your cleaning. Give your self permission.

Need Home Support?

If you or your parents need help around the home and you don’t qualify for state assistance, Call DAWN and let us see how we can help you. We’re here to meet your needs.

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