Home Staging

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Home StagingThere’s nothing like looking your best. It makes you feel great about yourself, and instils confidence in those who see you. Funnily enough, it’s not too different for your home.

If you’re going to put your home on public display in preparation for sale, it needs to be presentable. However, DAWN recognises it’s just one more thing you have to do amongst a myriad of other things including continue to live your life as normally as possible.

DAWN can help you towards sale success by coordinating a number of services to ensure that your home looks its best for the buyer.

What’s Involved?

DAWN’s Home Staging Service is a consultancy. WE can:

  • Meet with you to discuss the best way to get your home and grounds looking great.
  • Clean your home so that it’s refreshed and inviting.
  • Work with allied services such as gardeners, landscapers and carpet cleaners
  • Bring in a home stylist who can help you give your cleaned home that magazine appeal.

How Long and How much?

As long as it takes. It all depends upon what you need from us. At the very least, DAWN can help you ensure that your home is spick and span and ready for viewing.

Call DAWN today to discuss your needs, and let DAWN help you towards a successful sale.

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